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Kalyani Group of Dental Hospitals


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I am American staying in Los Angeles. It was in 2006 that I traveled to India not for any business or tourist visit, but for getting that perfect smile to go with my looks. It was on the Net I came to learn about Kalyani Dental and was quite impressed by what I saw on their website. I made up my mind on Kalyani, had my front teeth straightened and also got the whole teeth set whitened. Since I was new to their place, I was quite tensed up, but must admit that their staff and doctors were absolutely friendly and welcoming. Now I am full of confidence with that perfect smile never leaving me. So delighted I am that I suggested their name to all of my friends back him.

- Sylvester Willis, Businessman
I am very impressed with Kalyani Dental. Not only the hospital is excellent with world-class facilities, but also their doctors and staff are excellent professionals with human touch. I was hampered by a crooked smile that left me looking ugly. The magical touch of their doctors left me drooling and my smile is now magical. I am much more confident and I smile with confidence. The ambience at Kalyani is very relaxed and delightful and you never feel out of place there. Thanks for a pleasant sojourn and all the love you showered on me.

- Rupakshi, TV Anchor
I suffered from severe pain in a set of right front teeth. I heard about Kalyani Dental from one of my friends and was impressed by his tale. I came over and found that he was not wrong. I underwent Root canal treatment to alleviate the pain. The result was instantaneous and it left me completely satisfied. Not just the treatment, even the hospital set up, neat environs, dutiful care by nursing staff, are all out of the world. A treatment at Kalyani is a treatment well spent and experienced.

- Ms Salima Khatoon, Housewife
I was suffering from teeth protruding that left an ugly scar on my appearance. I came to learn about Kalyani while browsing the Net and decided to get my treatment done at their place. It was money well spent and the whole experience was most satisfying. The doctors were excellent and nursing care very impressive and most importantly, the cost of the treatment was reasonable. I have no hesitation in recommending them to others for world class dental treatment.

- Gaurav Kapoor, Media Manager

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