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Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry is a phenomenal leap over Traditional Dentistry. Because of its precision, not only is Laser Dentistry less invasive, but many dental procedures can be executed in lesser number of times, often minutes when compared to hours in Traditional Dentistry.

Laser Dentistry reduces the need for uncomfortable positioning devices thus doing away with poking and prodding that is so often prevalent in Traditional Dentistry. All of these make Laser Dentistry faster, safer and very successful than Traditional Dentistry.

At Kalyani, the

Dental Surgeons in Hyderabad

use the latest Diode Dental Laser, for performing a wide range of dental procedures on Teeth, Gum and Bone

Advantages of our Advanced Dentistry


Dental Procedures using Soft Tissue Dental Lasers do not require sutures (stitches)
Some Dental Procedures using Laser will not need Anesthesia
Bleeding is minimized as High-Energy Light Beam from Laser helps in aiding clotting (Coagulation) of exposed blood vessels. This in turn cuts down blood loss.
Bacterial Infections are minimized thanks to high-energy beam from Laser that sterilizes the area of treatment
Damages to Adjacent Tissue from area of treatment are minimized
Wounds get healed faster and Tissues can be regenerated better

Uses & Applications

Non-Surgical Alternative To Flap Surgery

It is extensively used in patients with dental problems and suffering from hypertension, diabetes, cardiac problems, organ transplant and epilepsy where surgery is not feasible.

Laser Assisted Flap Surgery

It’s used in young patients suffering from Pyorrhea where flap surgery is required. Laser’s advantage is that it can be used simultaneously while arresting bleeding and provides a clear sterile path for the surgery to be done at its best.

Gingivectomy & Gingivoplasty

Laser effectively treats Gingival hyperplasia induced by Antihypertensive and Antiepileptic drugs

Root Canal Treatment

Laser helps in efficient removal of tissue from the canals thanks to the Laser Tip which when inserted within the canals, cleans up leftover tissues and ensures effective success of the surgery


High Frenum Attachment often is responsible for prevalence of wide spacing in upper and lower anterior teeth. This can be relieved in a painless manner by Laser

Tongue Tie

Using Laser, a procedure called Lingual Frenectomy can be used to treat speech difficulties.


Gummy Smile results in an unaesthetic smile which dampens a person’s confidence. Using Laser, a procedure called Aesthetic Recontouring of the Gums can be done thus raising the crown’s length resulting in healthy and natural smile.


Using Laser, a procedure called Sulcular Deepening helps in ensuring easier Denture Fabrication by facilitating greater retentive area. It also helps in faster healing in a painless manner

Apthous Ulcer

Laser Ablation helps to treat the most painful of Oral Ulcer faster and very effectively too

Pericoronal Flap Removal

Often Tissue Flap overlying erupting teeth causes pain and recurrent infection especially in third molar area. Laser technique helps to excise the flap and eliminate pain and its effects

Laser Assisted Surgical Procedures

OSMF: Harnessing the power of Laser Technique, Fibrotic Band is cut to ensure effective and smooth mouth opening. This prevents scarring and bleeding.

Laser Whitening: Stains can be removed effectively and teeth can be whitened by using Laser

Hard Tissue (Tooth)

Dental Fillings / Tooth Perperation: Lasers helps to kill bacteria located in a cavity, potentially leading to improved long term tooth restorations.

Tooth Sensitivity: Laser is used to seal tubules (known for causing hot & cold tooth sensitivity) located on the tooth’s root

Soft Tissue (Gum)

Crown Lengthening: Dental Lasers reshape Gum Tissue (Soft Tissue) and Bone (Hard Tissue) facilitating a healthy foundation for placement of restorations

Gummy Smile: Gum Tissue is reshaped exposing healthy tooth structure and eventually facilitating gummy smile

Muscle Attachment (Frenula): Speech Impediments result in children to be tongue tied and babies unable to be breast fed due to limited tongue movement. A laser frenectomy helps to eliminate speech impediments.

Soft Tissue Folds (Epulis): Dental Laser helps in painless and suture-free removal of soft tissue folds that are caused by ill-fitting dentures

Other Laser Dentistry Applications

Benign Tumors: Dental Laser helps in painless and suture-free removal of benign tumors from Gums, Palate and Sides of Lips and Cheeks

Cold Sores: Pain that comes with Cold Sores can be reduced or eliminated altogether by low density dental laser beam

Nerve Regeneration: Photobiomodulation can be used to regenerate damaged nerves, blood vessels and scars.

Teeth Whitening: Teeth Whitening by Bleaching process can be quickened up at faster pace by low density soft tissue Dental Laser




Immediately After Operation

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Drug Induct
Gingival Hyperplasia


Laser Gingivectomy

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